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The Turkish bottled water market currently represents almost 7 billion liters.  It consistently posts a dynamic double-digit growth, and should reach 10 billion liters within five years.
Erikli was created in the mid-sixties and has three production sites in Bursa.  Erikli has its own means of distribution, ensuring that its products are present in the country’s two main distribution networks: retail and home & office delivery.  Erikli is a natural spring water leader in both distribution networks, with a premium positioning.  The company has over 600 employees.  With Erikli being number one in bottled water market in Turkey, its sales reached US$ 55 million in 2005.
Nestle Waters Turkey is a subsidiary of the Nestlé Waters Group, a global player in the bottled water market, leader notably in Europe and also Middle East and present in 130 countries around the world, with a portfolio of 75 brands.  Nestle Waters holds the number 1 global position in the bottled water market, both in terms of value, with 18% market share, and in terms of volume.  The group posted sales of EUR 5.7 billion in 2005.  In 2001 Nestlé Waters introduced its international brand NESTLÉ PURE LIFE® in Turkey.  In 2006 it is a number 3 player on the Turkish market.  Nestle Water Turkey has two production sites in Bursa and Sapanca, with over 170 local staff and its sales having reached US$ 30 million in 2005.
As a result of the merger, Nestlé Waters owns 60% of the new entity and Erikli shareholders own 40% of it.  President of Erikli was appointed the new entity's CEO.  This operational unit should enable a solid leadership to be established within the Turkish market.  It will benefit from two brands enjoying a strong reputation, complementing each other in terms of image, and from consumer loyalty.  Strong synergies will come from distribution and production.  This merger is not only an excellent opportunity to reinforce Erikli’s performance but also ensures its leadership in the bottled water market of Turkey.

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